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Charity Shopping !

So I meant to post this about three weeks ago, I've been too busy punting Schuhs to the oh so pleasant public of Glasgow to keep up to date with blogging... But now we're nearly back at Uni I'm sure to be doing a lot more procrastinating (blogging). 
So yeah, for about the past year my Mum has been volunteering in our local Oxfam, which happens to be an 'Oxfam Boutique'. There's not many of them about, our one in Mearns is the only one in Scotland I believe; and basically what it's all about is like a higher class of charity shop. They will only put out items which are in perfect condition, and as a result the prices can be a tad higher than your average Oxfam, still totally affordable though! You often find some cracking designers pieces as well, for example my Mum has not only bought perfect condition Armani trousers for about £15, but has also got a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood jacket for about the same price. I'm quite jealous to be honest! I've never picked up anything designer in there myself but I have got a few lovely pieces; in particular a beautiful brown leather handbag which I don't think I've ever worn out without someone commenting on how nice it is!
But to my point... They were short of staff in Oxfam Boutique the other day, so I offered my assistance. As I'm very interested in visual merchandising as well having a dangerous shopping addiction this was something I jumped at the chance of.  The manager asked if I would redesign all the mannequins, which I totally loved doing. There was the most fantastic dress which has been handed in, it was absolutely smothered in gold sequins, but unfortunately was a size 14 and way too big for me :(. Seeing as there was no chance of it brightening up my wardrobe I thought it only fair that this beauty get snapped up by someone else who would adore it. I put it, along with some pretty accessories, on the mannequin right at the front door. This was alongside a male mannequin I designed, which to be honest was much less interesting as there was a serious lack of male clothes that had been handed in! This was at about 12 in the afternoon, an hour before I finished up in the store. My mum was working in Oxfam Boutique the next morning and my beautiful dress had already been sold! I was pretty chuffed with myself if I'm honest, and I'm happy that the dress has a new home :) 
Here's a quick pic of the dress and the male mannequin...

p.s if anyone wishes to hand this exact dress but in a nice small size into Oxfam I would greatly appreciate it :)

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