"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."...



Forgot to mention... We completed the fashion communications project about 3 weeks ago. It was definitely the most challenging course in first year, but also the most stimulating and exciting. I'd say it's the subject so far that's most relevant and related to industry and while it was just a first year project, gave us insight into the crazy, hectic world that is the fashion industry. We produced a magazine titled Pout, which was styled on Love magazine. Here's a few of the pics from our photo shoots :) ...



Spent about 40 beans on magazines in the past week alone.
Bad for my bank balance, but best place for obscure publications :) !


Loving a bargain

Got these beauties in Kurt Geiger this week, £190 down to £49! It would have been wasteful not to buy them, right?

 They may be my new love. I'm normally a total heel-o-phobic but with such a big platform on them they're surprisingly easy to walk in, even for me! And with being 5ft3" they make me feel all tall and superior. They should definitely be one of my best buys of the year :) 


I never learn.

So I was wanting to change my hair a bit, but nothing too drastic, and had found quite a few pics of 'ombre' hair which I quite liked. I had a bit of a swatch on youtube etc and it seemed like a pretty safe DIY hairstyle (n.b I'm incredibly stingy when it comes to my hair and reckon I can do just as good a job as the hairdresser myself. (Which I definitely can't)). I particularly liked LLYMLRS's hair and checked out her video etc on DIY-ing ombre hair- http://www.llymlrs.com/2010/08/how-to-diy-ombre-hair_06.html - which made it seem mega easy. And being the naive fool that I am thought I'd give it a shot. Bear in mind here that roughly five months ago I had a dreadful bleaching incident which involved me having to cut about 8 inches off my lovely hair. Stupidly I went for it again, slapped the bleach on, graduated it up after 10 mins, and washed it off about 15 mins after that. The result- a gingery, bleachy riot with a straight line where my brown locks ended and the disaster began. I was not a happy bunny. The next morning I attempted to cure the mess with some light golden brown hair dye, filled with red tones as I'd done my research! It didn't work. The colour didn't take even a little bit. I was forced to go to work sporting my new hair-do, before I had any chance to buy more dye. Fortunately I've now got my lovely brunette hair back, albeit a lot drier than it started 3 days ago. But I fixed it myself, and that's all that matters! I couldn't face going to a hairdresser and having them patronise me for my silly mistake. Here's what it was supposed to look like :( ...


Charity Shopping !

So I meant to post this about three weeks ago, I've been too busy punting Schuhs to the oh so pleasant public of Glasgow to keep up to date with blogging... But now we're nearly back at Uni I'm sure to be doing a lot more procrastinating (blogging). 
So yeah, for about the past year my Mum has been volunteering in our local Oxfam, which happens to be an 'Oxfam Boutique'. There's not many of them about, our one in Mearns is the only one in Scotland I believe; and basically what it's all about is like a higher class of charity shop. They will only put out items which are in perfect condition, and as a result the prices can be a tad higher than your average Oxfam, still totally affordable though! You often find some cracking designers pieces as well, for example my Mum has not only bought perfect condition Armani trousers for about £15, but has also got a gorgeous Vivienne Westwood jacket for about the same price. I'm quite jealous to be honest! I've never picked up anything designer in there myself but I have got a few lovely pieces; in particular a beautiful brown leather handbag which I don't think I've ever worn out without someone commenting on how nice it is!
But to my point... They were short of staff in Oxfam Boutique the other day, so I offered my assistance. As I'm very interested in visual merchandising as well having a dangerous shopping addiction this was something I jumped at the chance of.  The manager asked if I would redesign all the mannequins, which I totally loved doing. There was the most fantastic dress which has been handed in, it was absolutely smothered in gold sequins, but unfortunately was a size 14 and way too big for me :(. Seeing as there was no chance of it brightening up my wardrobe I thought it only fair that this beauty get snapped up by someone else who would adore it. I put it, along with some pretty accessories, on the mannequin right at the front door. This was alongside a male mannequin I designed, which to be honest was much less interesting as there was a serious lack of male clothes that had been handed in! This was at about 12 in the afternoon, an hour before I finished up in the store. My mum was working in Oxfam Boutique the next morning and my beautiful dress had already been sold! I was pretty chuffed with myself if I'm honest, and I'm happy that the dress has a new home :) 
Here's a quick pic of the dress and the male mannequin...

p.s if anyone wishes to hand this exact dress but in a nice small size into Oxfam I would greatly appreciate it :)


Sur-really weird ;)

Seeing as our first year theme is Surrealism, I thought I should mention these babies. I remember seeing this on the msn home page a while back and thinking they were one of the craziest things I'd ever seen. So I tried to do a bit of my own research on them, turns out they're pretty mysterious... Basically it's a 'Pod City' in San Zhi, Taiwan. No one really seems to know anything for certain, but it's considered that it was built in the early 80's by the government as a luxurious resort. The project has 17 blocks each with 4 circular pods, the idea apparently being that the buildings could be expanded vertically if demand required it. I guess the idea of the 'pods' was to be extremely modern, futuristic even. But evidently the idea did not take as the 'pods' have been completely abandoned for years. According to 'trusty' sources on the web, the project is said to have been abandoned after several fatal accidents occurred during construction. And even better, it is now reported to be haunted... I wish I could have visited these in their prime, it must have been like stepping into a Sci-Fi movie; I'd even have loved to visit them in their unkempt and delapidated state, I think they look eerily fascinating. Sadly though, wikipedia claims demolition work started on them almost two years ago now, with plans to turn the space into a tourist resort...